What do you want from us?
Everyone is different and therefore the service we offer will depend on you and what you want.

We see our role as helping you to identify exactly where you are and to outline your options to help meet your long term objectives.

We try to be informative, interesting and accessible to answer your questions or concerns.

Long term as the relationship develops we hope to maintain and develop your trust.

Initial consultation
We undertake face-to-face meetings at your home or place of business. If you prefer this can be undertaken via telephone.

During our initial meeting we would discuss your objectives and find out from you what you want from us. We would complete a detailed financial questionnaire. At the end of the meeting we will advise you of the next steps and also explain your options as to the payment routes available to you.

Research, Recommendations & Implementation
The next step is for our adviser to consider the various options open to you, undertake research and then come up with recommendations.

We will either arrange a follow up meeting, discuss over the telephone and/or write to you with our written report. We try to produce reports that are readily understandable and try to keep them pertinent and easy to read.

Once you are happy we will proceed with any implementation.

Ongoing Financial Advice
Most people require ongoing advice because life does not move in straight lines and there will be changes to circumstance & objectives along the way.

Our Status
Although we cannot be classified as Independent Financial Advisers but Restricted Advisers, our business has no links or ties to any one product provider. We access Life Assurance, Pension or Investment products from across the whole market.

How do you pay us?
Unfortunately, nothing in life is free. Our view is that you get what you pay for and we feel that we provide good value for money. Our goal is to make you or save you money.

For investment based contracts we operate on a fee basis whereby we agree an amount. This is either charged to the contract or you pay us directly. Depending on the advice sometimes one or other route is more advantageous to you. Fees come in two forms initial and ongoing. If we are entering into an ongoing service arrangement a separate Letter of Engagement is drawn up.

We used not to charge a fee for our initial appointment but found that this was taken advantage of unduly. So regretfully for new clients the fee for the initial appointment is set at £250. This covers our costs for an hour’s meeting. Subsequently we will agree with you a bespoke fee agreement for to reflect the work we will undertake before we start.